Jan 10

How to Choose a Hawaiian Wedding Planner


With the rise of destination wedding, a Hawaii wedding remains one of the most popular and affordable. But destination weddings can be tricky to plan. You want a memorable day so finding a wedding planner that fits your style is important.  

First of all, let me say that at Lanikai Wedding we treat all of our clients like family.  I care about my clients just as I would one of my children. This is what you should look for:

1. Knowledge of Hawaii

Your wedding planner at Lanikai Wedding has lived in Lanikai for 31 years. They have an intricate knowledge of the environment and the customs of the residents. They can improvise for any situation and fix anything that needs fixing.

2. Experience

We are experienced at Lanikai wedding.   You can be rest assured that your wedding planner has years of experience and has everything under control.

3. Level of Custom Support

There are many wedding planners in Hawaii.  Many of them have pre-set packages. We only do customized packages.  I personally construct the package that is just right for you with no extra hidden costs.

4. Personality

Make sure to get to know your wedding planner. And that you feel comfortable with them and sharing all the intimate details.