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Reception Party in an Exclusive Club

No Hawaiian Wedding is complete without a reception party. Our private Country Club is nestled on the hillside of the famous Lanikiai with breathtaking views of Lanikai Beach. Membership-based, the facilities are not open to the public and are not advertised in any tour books. In fact, this Country Club is so exclusive, celebrities from around the world frequent this location due to its pristine amenities and meticulously manicured golf course. Here, you will have the one-of-a-kind wedding reception you've always wanted.

The menu at this private club is on the same level as most world-class restaurants. The location has been lauded as the best by former couples who held their receptions here. You, too, can have your stress-free reception here at the Country Club and delight your guests to it's exquisite food, amenities, and entertainment.

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Enjoy the beautiful Lanikai Beach

The views of Lanikai Beach from the Country Club are stunning to say the least. You will enjoy these beautiful views during your reception and your guests will be amazed. And since the Country Club is so close to the beach, you can also schedule a photo tour of the beach after the wedding with less time wasted on travel.

Reception room is available

Wedding parties are allowed regardless of the number of guests. You can have your party here worry free. Multiple Outdoor and Indoor locations are available; each with its own unique qualities. Entertainment includes a singer and hula dancer. Just like the Estate reception, you'll have exclusive access to this Country Club, and will not be bothered with other weddings or receptions on your special day.

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Golf is also possible

Do you have a wedding party interested in golf? Friends and family of the bride and groom are welcome to play golf on our world-renowned golf course. Let us help you schedule a tee time to get the party started!

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We are expert Hawaiian Wedding Planners on the island of Oahu. Founded by 2 former 747 airline pilots, Lanikai Wedding have been service newly married couples since 2003. Let Janet and Yukio create an Unforgettable Hawaiian Wedding Experience for you and your family.

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Choose from our extensive package to options to customize the right wedding for your an your family


Choose from our extensive package to options to customize the right wedding for your an your family.

Learn more about your wedding hosts, Yukio and Janet

About Us

Learn more about your wedding hosts, Yukio and Janet. Expert planners who are retired 747 airline pilots.

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