Ukulele and Hula

Your Hawaii wedding would not be complete without the light-hearted melody of the Ukelele and the hypnotizing beauty of the Hula dance. Throughout Hawaiian history, the Ukelele and lyrics were used to pass down life lessons, while the Hula dance served to served to re-enact the stories. Today, the same song and dance is performed at almost all Hawaiian weddings and celebrations.

You too will be able to immerse yourself in this traditional experience of Hawaiian wedding dance and music. Have your guests serenaded while they dine to the beautiful song and dance that is Ukelele and Hula. Our entertainers can perform not only Hawaiian wedding hulas and songs, but they can also customize their songs to your requests. One of our ukulele players is first cousin to Iz Kamakawiwo’ule, who was possibly the most famous Hawaiian Ukelele player to ever live, and can perform almost any request.

Hawaiian Wedding Hula Dancer
Ukulele Player in Hawaii

While they are singing, our lovely hula dancers will encourage your guests to participate in their performance. Your guests will be able to try their hand at dancing the Hula themselves, and we promise they will have the time of their lives! 

Ukulele Player at Hawaiian Beach Wedding

Please inquire below to learn more about our Ukelele and Hula dance options!

Wedding Venues

Below are our recommended wedding locations for Ukelele and Hula dance options!

Beach Wedding

Beach Weddings are our most popular option. 
Get married in true Hawaiian Style

Country Club Reception

Enjoy your celebration in a wonderful country club with a beautiful view of the mountains.

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